How to Select a Figure Skating Dress

How to Select a Figure Skating Dress:

1) Determine the skating occasion: Will your daughter wear this dress for a skating competition, ice show, testing, or practice? Competition and ice show dresses tend to be more heavily adorned with rhinestones and the dress styles tailored for the music selection. In competition, a well-chosen skating dress can accent the artistic storyline of a program and positively influence the Program Components Score (PCS). In contrast, testing is a more serious occasion and it’s often best to wear a timeless and elegant dress that doesn’t distract the test judges. Many coaches prefer long-sleeve dresses in Black or Blue for testing. For practice, comfort and ease of movement are often the most important considerations.

2) Coordinate the dress to your music: What genre is the skating music? If the music is a distinct style such as Spanish, classical, or jazz, that could help narrow down the type of dress you are looking for. Another strategy is to listen to the music and write down the emotions or images that come to mind. Would cool tones like blues or purples, or warm tones like red or yellow best reflect the music? What words come to mind when you hear the music- flowing, edgy, elegant, playful, etc.?

3) Discuss your budget: made to order and ready-made competition figure skating dresses can cost between $150-$400 depending on the dressmaker and amount of rhinestones. Custom-designed figure skating dresses give you the chance to co-design a dress from scratch, but can cost anywhere between $600-$1500 depending on the designer. Made to order figure skating dresses offer an affordable option to choose from a broad range of dress styles and still provide customization options in terms of dress colors, custom sizing, fabric or rhinestone options.

4) Age-appropriateness: What age is your skater and how much skin is she comfortable showing? While older skaters may prefer trendy dress styles with a lower back or cutouts, younger skaters may prefer a more playful or modest dress style. Also, if your skater prefers to wear a bra or shape wear under her dress- think about whether the style will work with those garments. At Joyce + Co. we are happy to partner with our skating families to modify elements of our dress styles to fit your needs.

5) Measure your dress size: Use a measuring tape to record your skater’s measurements for Bust, Waist, Hips, and Torso (Girth). When measuring the Torso- start the measuring tape on one shoulder, run the tape down the front of the body, between legs, and back up to same shoulder- measuring comfortably over natural curves. See the Joyce + Co. Fitting Guide for more details. Use measurements to select the best standard dress size- sizing up if in between sizes, or send to your dressmaker for custom sizing. Joyce + Co. is proud to offer free custom sizing on all our dresses.

    Skate Beautifully,

    - the Joyce + Co. team 


    Joyce + Co. Premier Figure Skating Designs is a company dedicated to helping you skate beautifully by making it easy to find the perfect competition figure skating dress. We pride ourselves on supplying a curated selection of stunning made-to-order dresses with free custom sizing at approachable, all-in-one prices.

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