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How to Select a Figure Skating Dress

Determine the skating occasion: Will your daughter wear this dress for a skating competition, ice show, testing, or practice? Competition and ice show dresses tend to be more heavily adorned with rhinestones and the dress styles tailored for the music selection. In competition, a well-chosen skating dress can accent the artistic storyline of a program and positively influence the Program Components Score (PCS).

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5 Sports Psychology Books Every Figure Skater Should Read

The toughest and most fascinating part of competitive Figure Skating is the mental discipline required to succeed. An understanding of sports psychology can mean the difference between calmly skating a clean program in competition, or popping jumps you usually land in your sleep. Here are 5 sports psychology books that all figure skaters should read.

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Welcome to the Joyce + Co. Blog!

Kelly here, Cofounder of Joyce + Co. Premier Figure Skating Designs. I wanted to take this chance to welcome you to our new blog and tell you a little bit more about us. Joyce + Co. is a company dedicated to helping you Skate Beautifully by making it easy to find the perfect competition figure skating dress...

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